GROW, The Modern
Woman's Handbook
An acronym for Gorgeous Real Original Woman, this handbook will take you to the source of your true feminine power. Lynne gives in-depth information and background on these key areas of a woman's life – connecting with self, connecting with loved-ones, and community. Through a range of highly accessible, practical and fun exercises, stories, reflections and Lynne's own visionary insights, you will find yourself on a journey of self discovery.
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Bloom Journal
This beautifully illustrated interactive journal clears the path to self-awareness and clarity in all areas of a woman's life, exploring personal growth, well-being, relationships, work and contributions to the bigger picture. 'Bloom' is an accompaniment to Lynne's popular Affirmation Cards and offers the opportunity to make space to explore ourselves and what we truly are.
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Plant Seeds and Pick the Blooms
A set of 36 beautifully printed Affirmation cards for a Life of Balance, Creativity and Fulfillment. Make your dreams come true through affirming thoughts that focus on self-empowerment, feminine energy and creativity. With these powerful cards, based on Lynne Franks' SEED method, you will find the tools to nurture your body, mind and spirit.
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Lynne Franks is either featured in or writes for many of the UK’s top publications, as well as regularly appearing in international media, television and radio, speaking on the subjects of women’s lifestyles, work/life balance, and women in business. She has also published several books:

The Seed Handbook by Lynne Franks was originally published as the definitive guide to 'the feminine way to create business'. It will guide you step-by-step from creative envisioning through to the manifestation of your dream business. From clearing the clutter on every level of your being to working with money and writing business plans, Lynne's holistic approach and inspirational stories will guide you in creating your own business fulfilment.
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The Seed Handbook – “This book is great – you simply have to buy it, it's a must! It cuts through the minefield of advice that's already out there and it gives you everything you want to know” – Dame Anita Roddick

Illustrations on all books by Ann Field
Launch of SEED, Bloomingdale's New York