Author, entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Lynne Franks has a communication reach that stretches across the world. As a high-profile business woman and founder of the SEED empowerment programmes for women, she is either featured in or writes for many of the UK's top publications, as well as regularly appearing in international media, television and radio, speaking on the subjects of social change, consumer patterns, corporate responsibility and women in business.
    After leaving school at sixteen, she started her working life as a secretary, before joining 'Petticoat', the UK's first weekly young women's magazine. She started her own public relations firm, Lynne Franks PR, from her kitchen table at the age of twenty-one, which grew to become one of the best-known public relations agencies in the world, advising and guiding multi-national businesses and non-profit organisations around the globe.
    After twenty years in public relations and wanting to branch out into new directions, Lynne left her agency in 1992 and became an international spokesperson and facilitator on the changes in today's and tomorrow's world – both for the individual as well as the society at large.
    In 1994, she chaired the UK's first women's radio station, presenting her own radio show, 'Frankly Speaking'. Prior to attending the UN Women's Conference in Beijing in 1995, Lynne created the major UK event, 'What Women Want', to draw attention to the changing position of women in society.
    Taking five years out from the UK in the late 90's, Lynne lived in California and founded Globalfusion, a public relations agency with offices in LA and San Francisco, working for national consumer brands across the US.
    She has authored four books, including 'The SEED Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business', published in 2000. Translated into a number of languages, the book struck a resonant chord with women around the world. Seeing the demand for women to create businesses in a new, feminine way, Lynne designed workshops and training programmes that bring her new ideas and methods to life. SEED has become the provider of one of the most internationally recognised women's enterprise and leadership training programmes, as well as a global women's network.
    Supported by the British Government's Department of Trade and Industry's Strategic Platform for Women and Enterprise, SEED's facilitators have taught the programme across the UK. Lynne continues to personally conduct workshops and retreats based on "the feminine principles" as well as developing future SEED programmes for teenagers, women in corporate leadership and disadvantaged women in developing countries.
    GROW – The Modern Woman's Handbook – was published by Hay House on March 8, 2004, International Women's Day and takes a comprehensive look at the crucial issues that face women today – from health and spirituality, to family relationships, sexuality, work, community, social action, and ultimately, self-fulfillment.
    The new edition of The SEED Handbook by Hay House and SEED interactive software training programme were launched on International Women's Day, March 8, 2005, at the House of Lords, together with the official national launch of the SEED Women's Enterprise Programme.
    In 2007, The Tribal Group launched their SEED Women Into Enterprise Programme in partnership with Lynne as an educational blended learning tool with numeracy and literacy embedded and focused at the public sector. This is being delivered through enterprise agencies, FE's, women's prisons and other women's community initiatives.
    2007 has also seen the publication of 'BLOOM', Lynne's new book published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, as a companion to her 'Plant the SEEDs and Pick Blooms' Affirmation Cards.
    Lynne has also initiated SEED Coaches Training and SEED Community Peer Circles in 2007. Lynne was a founder judge and spokesperson for the Government's Enterprising Britain Awards; a judge for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for three years as well as other British and International enterprise and environmental awards.
Lynne further developed the SEED message in 2009 with several new projects including the SEED Community website, and the delivery of various SEED learning programmes with partners including The Prince’sTrust.
    Lynne currently advises both private and public sectors in her role as a Positioning and Strategic Advisor on Women as well as consulting on wider communication strategies, with her recent client list including McDonald’s, HSBC and Cisco.
Lynne is the Chair of the ‘Stop Raping our Greatest Resource’ V-Day UK Committee – a charity that campaigns to stop the sexual violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo and across the world. She has helped to organise a series of high-profile events, including a ‘Women of Influence’ Lunch in March ’09 at the House of Lords bringing together a group of key British women leaders to highlight the terrible regime of violence being inflicted on the women and girls of the DRC.
    In November ’09 she organised ‘The Great Congo Demonstration’ in the Albert Hall, marking the 100 year anniversary of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s protest in 1909 calling for an end to the violence in that region. Amongst the high profile attendees were representatives from the current Archbishop’s office, MPs, dignitaries, religious leaders and other activists.
    In February 2010, Lynne created and hosted the first Women’s Knowledge and Wisdom Forum for HSBC. Lynne continued her work with HSBC on a Pan-European campaign focusing on women in business.
    She hosts Bloom Women’s Creative Leadership Retreats at her home in Mallorca, creating a joyful, inspirational and transformational experience for intimate circles of like-minded women.
    She has developed a national network of B.Hive women’s business lounges, in partnership with the Regus Group, the flagship of which first opened in Covent Garden in September, 2010.   She has continued to develop SEED, opening regular SEED Community Cafes gatherings across the country where women share, support  and nurture each other.  Lynne launched the SEED App based on her successful SEED Affirmation Deck in 2013.
    Lynne took her SEED methodology into the rural villages of South Africa’s Eastern Cape with charity ASAP in 2013 as well as the corporate boardroom with global business leaders Sodexo, Standard & Chartered and HSBC.
    She consults with leading businesses on community engagement and gender balance and did her first TEDx talk on The Return of the Wise Woman in 2012. 
    In 2013 she became the founding patron of industry sector leaders Women 1st as well as initiating 1Billion Rising event in Palma de Mallorca, bringing attention to violence against women globally.
    Lynne was photographed as part of Nancy Honey’s 100 Leading Ladies in 2013 and featured in the National Portrait Gallery.
    She writes regularly for various publications including her monthly page on authentic living in Natural Health Magazine.
    Lynne has two children, Josh Howie, a stand-up comedian, and Jessica Howie,  a 5 rhythms teacher and facilitator of women’s workshops. She has five grandchildren who are the loves of her life.
    She is a regular meditator and 5 rhythms dancer and lives and works between London and Deia, Mallorca, where she hosts BLOOM Retreats, now expanded to include wellbeing and the inner artist.
    Lynne continues to be committed to the end to violence against women including her new campaign ‘Stop The Cut’, where together with BBC journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts, she is focused on the eradication of female genital mutilation.

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